Let Our Visible Hands Guide You in Economics

Maybe you feel that you already have a strong foundation in your Economics concepts, but just need that extra polishing for either your case study or essay skills.

Or perhaps you need a quick revision for recapping the important year One microeconomics concepts. If so, then attending our workshops would be more suited to your needs.

Case Study Skills Workshops

Tailored specifically to address common issues to improve upon your case study (CS) skills, at this workshop you will learn

1. How to use Paul's Reasoning Wheel (PRW) and Mind Maps in CS
2. Different types of data/ info presented in a CS.
3. Data reading skills + samples
4. Interpretation of text/ extracts in a CS using Paul's Reasoning Wheel + samples
5. Interpretation of questions in a CS using Mind Maps + samples
6. Assessment format, Marks allocation, Time management and other essential Techniques

Essay Skills Workshops

Targeted towards honing your skills in tackling essays, at this workshop you will learn

1. Interpretation of questions/ mini-questions to clarify question requirements
2. Identification of key words
3. Paraphrase the questions
4. How to use PRW and mind map for effective essay writing
5. Designing an effective structure for essay writing (writing introduction/ conclusion/ body etc)
6. How essays are marked and graded and what this means for you
7. Assessment format, Marks allocation, Time management and other essential Techniques

Both CS and Essay Skills workshops are conducted in 2 x 3-hour sessions over 2 consecutive days

A Levels J1 Express Refresher Workshops

While there is no substitute for consistent revision, we understand that sometimes what you need is a quick refresher course for your J1 topics to start you off. If so, then this is the workshop for you. We will cover

1. Important concepts for microeconomics
2. Microeconomic essays related to the specific topics
3. Broad overview, specific topics and the linkages between them

The A Levels J1 Express Refresher Workshop constitute mini-workshops of each topic conducted over approximately a week. Students can select to go for the mini-workshop in the topic of their choice depending on their needs but will pay for the whole course.

For rates of our workshops, click here.

What if any of the above does not describe what you need? No worries! We also provide other services tailored to your needs such as the Tuition Services and Essay Diagnosis Express Services.