Let Our Visible Hands Guide You in Economics

Our Tuition Services

 We provide comprehensive support to meet your needs to help you improve in your Economics. 

 Our lessons commences once a week and each session lasts for 2 hours. The following constitute what we will be covering during our lessons:
- Explanation of Economics concepts (notes will be provided)
- Common conceptual errors and how you can avoid them
- Essay Writing Skills
- Time Management Skills
- Exam Techniques
- Case Study Skills

During each lesson, materials will be given and our teachers will go through some exercises during the sessions. Each lesson is self-contained and the focus will be on a particular topic. Wait a minute, maybe you are thinking, "What if I have questions other than what we go through in class?" Well, of course you will, and our teachers will be on hand to help you out if you have any questions related to the topic discussed.

What if any of the above does not describe what you need? No worries! We also provide other services tailored to your needs such as the Case Study/ Essay Skills Workshops and Essay Diagnosis Services.

For more information, see the rates for our tuition services.