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"I got A for econs! Ha ha so surprising!" -Cheryl Liew, 2006 

"Hey I got aab…econs a! Thx a lot for all ur guidance during tt period!" –Don, 2006

"My tutor's exam-oriented style of teaching which covers a broad range of topics and possible questions ensured that I was able to achieve an 'A' in H2 Economics and a 'Distinction' in H3! Her rigorous yet systematic approach towards the answering of essay questions, which make up the majority of the overall grade and is often the most feared part of the exam, ensured that I was able to enter the examination hall knowing what type of questions to expect as well as how to answer them accurately without hesitation. Her strict and diligent teaching was what motivated me and gave me the confidence to take up H3 Economics in the 2nd year of JC. Thank you so much for your help over the past 2 years, I would not have gotten my grades if it weren't for you!"  --- Ren Zheng, 2007

“Your method of teaching involves tackling the various forms of essay questions which proves to be very effective during tests and exams. This allows me to have a clearer understanding of many important concepts as well as methods of answering questions.  I’m glad to have learnt so much in a year! “ --- Wong Peck Hwang, 2008

“I’d like to thank you so much for the past year. Econs has really been so enjoyable under you. I do hope i can get an A for you. Thank you so much for everything! I just want you to know that you are appreciated! “ --- Jeremy, 2008

“Thanks so much! You got me an A! Hahaha.. You really deserve a big treat from us! “ ---Steffi Tedjo,2007

“Thanks for your extra coaching and consultations! It really helped! J” --- Pei Jia & Yi En, 2007

“Thank you for all your help and care you’ve shown me the past two years and for all the effort you’ve put into helping us excel in Economics. We really could not have done it without you! Thank you! “ --- Elaine CHee, 2007

“Thanks for all your help in Econs! Especially all the consultations! I finally got my A!” --- Su Ling, 2007

“This is Greg Chew here.. I got an A for Econs! Haha.. thanks a lot, guess your scary teaching methods do work after all! “  --- Gregory Chew, 2007

“Remember I made you a promise 2 years ago? I finally hit an A for Econs! Thanks so much for all your care, your unlimited consultations, your marking of my super boring essays and everything else! Really thanks so much! I really cannot imagine a greater Econs tuor than you. I’ll see you soon in one way or another! Take care!”  --- Tang Jun Han, 2007

“My tutor's lessons are intellectually stimulating, and she has fostered a love for Economics among many of us because she is a constant source of inspiration.  She knows her stuff inside out and is able to give us valuable insights into various Economic concepts.  She is also very exam-oriented, and was able to teach us necessary skills to answer exam questions.  She is a dedicated individual who has put in much effort to give us extra classes and consultations, doing her best to help us in any way she can.  I am impressed by her teaching style, and I believe that we have definitely improved under her patient guidance.” --- Regina Lim, 2008

“My tutor explores concepts well with the students. With her as my class tutor, my H2 Economics grade has soared from an ‘E’ to an ‘A’. Having strong analytical and evaluative skills are cardinal attributes if one wishes to do well in Economics, and she has effectively helped me in developing these aspects. She is an ardent tutor who can even help the weakest students to ace their examinations.” --- Maximilian Chew, 2008