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What is the Essay Diagnosis Services All About? 

In school, scripts are marked across the board for a particular question or a particular topic. Everytime you get back your test scripts, you know how well you did vis-a-vis your classmates for that particular period.

Yet, you are not sure if you have any recurring problems that has been plauging you ever since you wrote your first ever essay. How do you know if you have intrinsic issues which are not content- or question-specific which affects your marks again and again? It could be any of these issues
- repeated failure to interpret questions correctly
- repeated lack of scope
- repeated lack of structure
- repeated failure to explain in depth
- ...and a host of many other "handicaps" you never knew!

Enter the Essay Diagnostic Express Services! From the comforts of your own home, let us help you to diagnose what is the recurring problem that you have when you write your essays and guide you on how improvements can be made.

The point for an edited essay is not to give out model essays. Rather, based on your essay, we show you how you can improve on it, maintaining your own voice, not based on a generic diagnosis or answer scheme!

What we can do for you
- we vet through 2 essays done by you to diagnose the issues you have running commonly through your essays
- we give detailed analysis of your areas of improvement for each essay (paragraph by paragraph!)
- we generate a comprehensive report so that you have a consolidated list of your underlying strengths and further improvements you can work on
- we grade your essay and justify why you receive the score
- we edit one essay in your own voice to show you how the essay could stand out even more and show you how your essay can potentially look like

Packages starting from only for a low of $10! See full range of rates here.

Want to know more? See a sample of an Essay Diagnosis Express Service Report here.

How does it work?

Stage 1: Contact Us
Send us an email at economaxlearning@gmail.com stating your interest. We will send you more information along with payment instructions. You can opt for a bank transfer or make a payment via Paypal.

Stage 2: Submit your essays
Choose any 2 from the following list of questions and send your essays to us after receiving our confirmation email.

Stage 3: Essays Diagnosis and Editing
Our dedicated team will conduct the essay diagnosis as per the package you have signed up for. For the full range of packages offered, click here.

Optional: For a more personalised one-to-one session for any further questions you might have, you can come down to our centre where our teachers will be on-site to coach you personally after receiving your Essays Diagnosis report, for an additional fee.


Why do we offer 15 questions to choose from?

It would be easy for us to just give 2 essay questions, let you write them and then we evaluate your essay skills based on just these 2.

But we know you want to try out more varieties of essays across different topics, and so we have prepared a comprehensive list of 15 questions spanning a variety of topics. Some of these questions come out repeatedly in the exams, so trying some out would be a good gauge of where you stand.

Click here for the full list of questions.

Think this Essay Diagnosis Service is just what you need?

Take the step to find out how you can improve your essays, right from the comfort of your own home, now!

Essay Diagnosis Express Packages

What if any of the above does not describe what you need? No worries! We also provide other services tailored to your needs such as the Tuition Services and Workshops Services.