Let Our Visible Hands Guide You in Economics

In order for us to diagnose your essay skills, choose from the range of questions below.

1. The price of corn has climbed steadily in 2007. Assess the factors that lead to this phenomenon. (10m)

2. In the 3rd quarter of October 2007, the UK government imposed a fuel tax. Discuss the relevance of price elasticity of demand and income elasticity of demand in explaining its effects. (15m)

3. Discuss whether a merger is always beneficial to a firm. (15m)

4. To what extent do mergers threaten the existence of small firms? (15m)

5. Discuss whether an oligopolistic market structure characterizes the behaviour of firms in your country. (15m)

6. To what extent is price stability a typical feature of product markets? (15m)

7. The pollution in Hong Kong has caused many multinationals to relocate to Singapore. Assess the policies which the Singapore government has implemented to overcome this market failure. (15m)

8. Discuss whether the government in your country has adopted effective measures to achieve efficient allocation of resources. (25m)

9. Due to the financial crisis, many economies predict a contraction in GDP. Discuss whether this necessarily implies that the standard of living for the average person will worsen. (15m)

10. Discuss the most pressing goals for your government today and appropriate measures to achieve these goals. (25m)

11. Discuss whether the use of fiscal policy is the best method to reduce unemployment in the economy. (25m)

12. A steep interest rate cut was just revealed by the Federal Reserves in the US. Discuss the effects of a decrease in interest rates on the economy. (15m)

13. "We believe the SGD is set to weaken further against the USD in 2009" - Fundsupermart
Discuss the impact of weakening exchange rates on the economy. (25m)

14. The Australia-Singapore free trade agreements has resulted in a tariff-free entry for all Singapore exports to Australia. Discuss whether the impacts of free trade agreements are always positive. (15m)

15. Discuss whether the Singapore government adopts effective policies to mitigate the negative impact of free trade agreements. (15m)